To determine the appropriate price, GA makes price comparisons with other similar works either on the market or recently sold, at auction and privately. GA has no inventory and thus no conflict of interest or other agenda as dealers, auctions, and others may have.
Because the art market is an ever-changing, complex labyrinth, filled with closely-guarded secrets, unless you're in the market place on a daily basis, objective, professional advice from a firm with vast experience and daily observance of the market are essential to successful dealings and maximizing your investment potential.

Working For The ClientAnd In The Client's Best Interest

GA guides its clients to the best works available -- in galleries, with private dealers, at auction, with private collectors, and even artists' studios.

Unlike dealers whose natural and legitimate aim is to make a sale, GA is an advisory service working for the client and in the client's best interest, a relationship that frequently calls for recommending against a purchase, at least at the price offered.


Barbara lectures on such topics as "Investing in Art", "How to Tell Good and Bad in Contemporary Art", and "Collecting Contemporary Art". Contact us for more information.


There are other art consulting services, but we at Guggenheim, Asher believe that our vast and varied experience makes us the best.

Barbara Guggenheim

Barbara Guggenheim combined academic knowledge (she holds a doctorate from Columbia and taught at Rutgers University), and practical experience (at Sotheby's, Christie's, and The Whitney Museum) in starting an art advisory firm in 1980.

Abigail Asher

Abigail Asher trained at The University of Manchester in England, joined GA in 1987 and has been a partner since 1990.


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Barbara Guggenheim

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